Wretched Things (2019) - Feature Film

My role: Director & Photography and 4K DCP Delivery

A first-time model, a webcam sex worker, and a power-hungry homophobe journey through their insecurities and vulnerabilities. This hedonistic and seductive short film challenges toxic hyper-masculinity and the abuse of power through three vignettes.

Due to be released Summer 2019

Ask The Cheat (2018) - Feature Film

My Role: Head of Post-Production & Avid Offline Editor

Ben is caught cheating in his final A-level maths exam by his teacher, Ms Bushnell. In return for not reporting Ben she asks him to do her a favour, help kidnap her cheating husband, a task neither are cut out for.

Release date TBC

Remember Remember Grace and Mercy

My Role: Premier Offline Editor & DaVinci Resolve Colourist

In Remember Remember Grace and Mercy the legendary British rebel Guy Fawkes leads a dedicated team of hunters in an epic battle for survival against a vampire-infested aristocracy determined to seize the throne of 17th century England. It is a fun swashbuckling period piece that bends the vampire-hunting genre.

Film due to be released Winter 2019

This World We Live In (2018) - Short Film

My Role: DOP, Colourist & Online Editor

Joey, an image-conscious 22 year-old student swept up in a new city begins to fall into an addiction of drugs to repress his inner demons.

Please find the full film on the links below:

Tough Trucks Ethiopia (2018) - Broadcast Television

My Role: Avid Online Editor & Colourist

In this episode Zay Harding travels by truck across one of Africa’s toughest and most spectacular countries, Ethiopia. Starting his trip from Ethiopia’s border with Djibouti, Zay hitches on a goods truck across the scorching hot Afar Desert, one of the hottest places on the planet, across which more than 95% of Ethiopia’s vital imports are transported.

The Purple Pigeon (2016) - 6-Part Television Series

Job Role: Director of Photography & Avid Editor

Comedy Sketch show (TV series) featuring short comedy clips submitted by upcoming comedy writers wanting to showcase their work. The show also features two main characters, Lawrence and William. (Andrew Dorree and Karl Parish) and others. These characters are sat in bed together, watching the submitted clips on TV.