Mango Rescue Team – Bamba from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

Make it Plumb (The Guvvies) – The Pencil from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

An Idiots Guide to Dogging from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

Children of Elysian SCREENER from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

The RagTag Misfits – Soul of The Streets from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

Quarry-Man: A Brief Journey Through Time

Quarry-Man is our first ever short film and everyone at White Tingle Media is very proud of it.  The scale of the production was vast; organizing people and places around over commitments was a tall ask – but we got there in the end.

We decided to frame the film in the Ultra-Panavision 2.76:1 ratio for its submission to the Widescreen Festival at the National Media Museum.  What a ratio this is…  Historically this ratio was used solely for classic Hollywood epics like Ben-Hur (1959), but we believe in pushing ourselves to the limit so this was our first and only choice.  All looks great on the surface but this ratio cost us a lot of time in production.  With shots nearly twice as wide as normal and cinematic space a-plenty we we’re unable to use a conventional boom pole throughout the majority of the shoot.  This caused issues which I’m currently attempting to iron out, but still – I couldn’t be happier with the end product.

For a first time Director, this was a tall ask and the cast and crew did as required – put the paper on the screen.  I cannot wait to start the next one, which is already in Pre-Production, but in the meantime please enjoy Quarry-Man:  A Brief Journey Through Time (2015), dir. Matthew Tingle.


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