Making promotional videos is fun, but sometimes it’s great to flex your muscles aon a much longer and more difficult project.  On our film projects we use all our own crew and cast professional actors were possible.

An Idiots Guide to Dogging from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

Children of Elysian SCREENER from Matthew Tingle on Vimeo.

Quarry-Man: A Brief Journey Through Time

Quarry-Man is our first ever short film and everyone at White Tingle Media is very proud of it.  The scale of the production was vast; organizing people and places around over commitments was a tall ask – but we got there in the end.

We decided to frame the film in the Ultra-Panavision 2.76:1 ratio for its submission to the Widescreen Festival at the National Media Museum.  What a ratio this is…  Historically this ratio was used solely for classic Hollywood epics like Ben-Hur (1959), but we believe in pushing ourselves to the limit so this was our first and only choice.  All looks great on the surface but this ratio cost us a lot of time in production.  With shots nearly twice as wide as normal and cinematic space a-plenty we we’re unable to use a conventional boom pole throughout the majority of the shoot.  This caused issues which I’m currently attempting to iron out, but still – I couldn’t be happier with the end product.

For a first time Director, this was a tall ask and the cast and crew did as required – put the paper on the screen.  I cannot wait to start the next one, which is already in Pre-Production, but in the meantime please enjoy Quarry-Man:  A Brief Journey Through Time (2015), dir. Matthew Tingle.


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