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Affordable Video Production

We offer a large suite of options and pricing to ensure you can get the most from your budget. As avid believers in the UK’s small and medium sized businesses, we wish to help those we can get to the top – affordably.  Please read through this service section carefully, as there’s so much to choose from!  If you have a more specialist project or just something that isn’t mentioned on this page please don’t hesitate to contact us.  If we can’t do it we may be able to recommend someone that can.

Our services include:

Social Network Videos

Already have Social Network Management or do it yourself? Most do, as it is an invaluable and extremely affordable form of advertising to potentially tens of thousands of prospects. However, most social networks are text driven and who has the time to read it? How do you know that your hard earned money or time invested is working? Another thing, if your business has a unique ISP or extra special levels of service, how can you get this over in text?

Video within an existing social network campaign can reinforce your text content and offer the more lazy internet users a short and engaging snap shot of your company. The best part is, if your video is filmed on-site, your great customer service or great manufacturing process comes across straight away. Allowing your potential customer to have an instant connection to what you do.

Chances are that by the prospect watching your video, you have already entered their home. Which is one of sales people’s most powerful tools.

PR and Sales Film

Some people have a larger budget and require something greater. Our PR video service covers a wide number of options to help pick the best for you.

Here are a few things to think about:

Adding a PR Sales Video to the homepage of your website can help increase your Online Presence, benefit SEO, instill prospect confidence and promote a specific product or service instantly and effectively.

Do you have an annual AGM, monthly meetings or seminars? Why not spice them up a bit. Everyone has been to boring ones, so why not make yours great. A PR Sales Video can increase staff and sales productivity through confidence. Confidence that your business is at the forefront of it’s field, by keeping employees engaged so important company messages are easily understood.

Submitting a link to your PR Sales Video with your latest press release can help SEO whilst giving the press the feel of communicating with a much larger company.

Instructional Videos

If you sell products that are difficult to install or erect, you may find that your annual remedial bills are high and customer call-outs are frequent.

With a simple YouTube link or QR Code your customers could within seconds benefit from a professional, visual instruction manual. Thus potentially lowering annual remedial and call-out costs to your business.

Which is great, but the bigger picture is the confidence your customer has in you. You will hold your clients hand through difficult projects, without lifting a finger.

Health & Safety and Training Film

You may have ISO 18001 and be at the forefront of industrial safety, how- ever everyone can make mistakes. Having a Health & Safety Training Film, updated and watched regularly could dramatically reduce accidents in the workplace and instill staff confidence.

Small companies that grow quickly can greatly increase staff level in short periods of time to cope with increased workloads. Training videos can offer you that helping hand when time is valuable. In-fact, with a training video filmed on-site, your new employees can have a greater understanding of their job and how you work, before they even step through the door.

Music Videos

We stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, effects and technology to fulfill your creative vision; whilst catering to any budget big or small.

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