Video Workshops Provided by Swifty Productions Ltd.

IMG_4510I’m happy to announce that I will be undertaking Video workshops in Summer 2018, hosted by our friends at Swifty Productions Ltd.

The syllabus for our Video Workshops are currently being prepared, along with text documents and ‘how-to’s’ to ensure you can keep up to the standards of current industry professionals.  An ideal way to bulk out your CV or to hone your craft in the pursuit for freelance filmmaking work.

This course is intended to focus heavily on camera workflows and there corresponding post-production workflows, utilising proxy media and round-tripping between DaVinci Resolve and the editing platform of your choice.  As a result, you will notice you work more efficiently and creatively, whilst delivering the highest possible quality to your Director or client.

If you are a YouTuber, or have previous experiences creating video content there is still lots to learn and friends to make on our Video Workshops.  Take this opportunity to tighten your skills, learn new parameters in your software or gain new techniques such as creative editing.  Our extensive lesson plan walks you through the entire filmmaking process, including the offline to online video editing workflow.

This Video Workshop is designed for creatives at the advanced and beginner stages, to gain crucial technical and practical skills within the Film and Television industries.

Here’s what to expect from our 6-day Video Workshops:

  • Gain the understanding of acquisition formats from SD to 4K
  • Understand the differences between colour profiles and ‘flat’ DSLR footage
  • Begin to use conversion LUTs like the professionals
  • Creating the most efficient workflow from camera, to offline and online editing, and finally delivery.  Facilitating more creativity and higher quality.
  • Lighting and camera setup (3-point lighting)
  • Understanding the 180 degree rule and its purpose
  • Efficient ways of gaining coverage gorilla filmmaking style

I am also available for one-on-one training in Avid Media Composer, the NLE of choice for Film and Television.  Please contact us for more information –

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